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Becca Impello discovered a fascination with the human body’s physical structure and ability just after college when she became a fitness instructor. This fascination led her further to the study of Physical Therapy, which she has been practicing in Birmingham since 1999. Becca simultaneously discovered yoga which fulfilled her desire to tune in to her own body and mind and revealed to her a wealth of therapeutic benefits. Her Physical Therapy practice has evolved to using more breath and body awareness, and therapeutic modifications of yoga poses. Becca is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and has done specific training in pre-natal yoga, therapeutic yoga and studied the teachings of Gary Kraftsow, T. K. V. Desikachar, Doug Keller, Suzi Hatley, and Timothy McCall, among others. Becca currently works with clients one on one for individualized yoga instruction to address acute or chronic issues, learn modifications for safe entry into community classes, or develop a personal practice. She also teaches yoga classes, therapeutic focus yoga workshops, anatomy trainings and provides Thai Yoga Massage.

In January of 2013 Becca collaborated with five other therapists offering specialties in manual and movement therapy to open Embody Practice Center. Embody is located on Montclair Road near Crestline and is Becca’s home for private sessions and most classes and workshops.

I sought Becca’s help with a rotator cuff issue. … Upon my first visit with Becca I told her I was trying to avoid surgery. She said try this, if it doesn’t work then you’ll need to seek medical attention. … Within 5 weeks I was cured! … I appreciate Becca’s in-depth knowledge of the body… I am comforted by her professional background in physical therapy and seek her as teacher when ever possible

Helene T.

Becca has an extraordinary degree of empathy, so that she can see the client’s pain and dynamics and move them adroitly into an exercise plan.

Joseph H., MD

Becca’s PT knowledge and experience, combined with her yoga teacher training make her workshops right on target for me. I want to learn the anatomical and neurological implications of the yoga postures to share with my yoga students and personal training clients. Her workshops have helped me better understand how to analyze my yoga students and personal training clients when I am working with them.

Linda D., M.A., E-RYT, ACSM

When I first started working with Becca a year ago I had been in chronic pain for 10 years from failed back surgeries. With her help I am able to do much more with less pain.…Her knowledge and understanding of the body is so helpful…Becca is at the top of my list of people that have truly helped me live a more productive life.

Sally R.

Becca’s combined expertise as a physical therapist and as a yoga instructor, as well as her sincerity, allow those who work with her to better know their own bodies and in turn feel better inside and out!

Catherine M.

[Becca’s approach is] the most logistically informative/helpful thing I have been able to find. Today when I took my Yoga class I kept her instructions in mind as well as visualization of my spine. Although class is always good, I felt it was more specifically beneficial…adjusting where I felt I needed to. Also my home practice has improved.

Margaret G.

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